Tech Talk on Vagrant [HCM-Sept]


Tech Talk in HCMC this September was a great event. We gathered a group of 25 IT professionals in HCMC and had an awesome time discussing Vagrant.

Topic: Vagrant – Automate your dev environment in 1 command

Speaker: Khanh Tran, Leader of Advanced Technology Group from Glandore Systems

The presentation can be found here:

As a developer, I dreamed a dream:

  • Automated As Much As Possible
  • Quickly On-Board New Team Members
  • As close to production environment as possible
  • Share Across Your Team
  • Share Environment Updates with Team
  • Use Source Control to Track Changes

Possible Solutions:

  • 1Mb long INSTALL.txt 🙂 – the hard way
  • Deployment automation tools (Puppet, Maven, Graddle) – need a clean machine
  • Virtual machine …each image ~ 8Gb

The solution: Vagrant

Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.


vagrant code

After running the above two commands, you have a fully running virtual machine in VirtualBox running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit.

What is Vagrant?

  1. Configuration
  2. Boxes
  3. Provisioner
  4. Networking
  5. Synced folders
  6. Multi-machine setup
  7. Providers
  8. Plugins

photo (3)

Live demo

  • Real-time chat app with BalloonsIO
  • Setting up a Vagrant LAMP
  • Editing code
  • Vagrant up to Amazon AWS

Tips & Tricks

  • System memory – you need it ‘enough’
  • Disk – you need a complete OS on virtual machine, be prepared to give at least 10 Gb per instance
  • Speed – of course there’s some slowdown due to virtualization
  • Move VMs folders to another disk use VirtualBox preferences



Vagrant is not

  • a virtual machine
  • a SDK

Vagrant is

  • a lightweight tool
  • easy
  • fun

Resources and references:

Thank you everyone for coming to Tech Talk on Vagrant. It was a pleasure to have you there, and we look forward to seeing you again in future Tech Talks!

Gifts from ITviec to outstanding attendees

Gifts from ITviec to outstanding attendees

More photos on Facebook

In case you missed this Tech Talk, no worries. We have another Tech Talk coming in October. Stay tuned for the details later!

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Til next Tech Talk : )

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